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Flare Powder Coating (UK) Ltd

Welcome to Flare powder coating we have been trading for over 21 years,
As an service first cert as well as process management the system also allows us to highlight areas for development and improvement which ensures that the service that we able to offer our customers is continually improving.
Highly Skilled Staff
Our most valuable asset are our highly skilled staff .We take the time to employ the best and ensure that adequate training takes place. Our highly skilled staff help to reduce production issues by understanding the processes and applying a proactive approach to problem solving on the job
We specialise in powder coating a vest range of Steel, Aluminium, we have all the processes in place to pre treat and use the very best range of powders
Shot blasting, We offer shot blasting for items up to 5mx2x1.5m . Blasting media available includes chilled iron grit ,steel shot,glass bead and aluminium oxide.
Blasting with chilled iron grit is ideal for removing existing coatings and burn off residue as well as providing a good key for painting .Chilled iron grit is also ideal for cleaning welds and removing sand and runners from castings as well as etching of structural steel and components prior to coating.
We have a 7 stage tank which offers the best treatment for aluminium the system offers 1.Clean 2. Rinse.3 Etch.4.Rince .5 Chrome free conversion .6 rinse.7 Demin rinse .8 dry
We only use the very best products
Are oven sizes are 9000mmx3000mmx3000mm Qytx2
We Also have a fully Automated tracking system
Automated blaster
6xGema manual powder state of the art guns
Advanced jigging systems
Fork lift trucks
Flatback wagon
Massive Ral & BS Range in stock
We Offer a 24 hour turn around
We as a company believe the key to a good business is Excellent customer services and we have always someone there at the end of the phone to answer all your question’s
Tape Masking

Regular masking is achieved with masking tape. We use specialist thin tape that offers excellent line definition, easy removal and because rolls can be applied upto 1m wide offer excellent continuity around complex curved contours.
High Temperature Tape Masking:
High temperature tapes use synthetic rubber resin adhesives which means they can withstand oven temperatures upto 160°C making them suitable for powder coating, stove enamelling and force dry applications.
Caps & Plugs
Caps are available for masking threaded components both with or without flanges and are ideal for preserving threaded studs, tube ends and earthing points. Plugs are ideal for threaded and non-threaded through holes.


Akzo Nobel, Thermaset, Chemetall

Pre Treatment : Techologles Group

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